Online. Online. Online. Online.

​Yesterday I decided to stay away from social medias, I have done this periodically.

And, like every time, I was amazed at the amount of charges I get from not being online all day. Not being connected all the time.

I was receiving the messages but was not responding because I was not patient or did not want to.

I received messages like:


Forgotten me.

You’re ignoring me.

You do not even answer me.

You must be changing me.

I have no obligation to give satisfactions to all of them.

I keep thinking about what goes on in people’s minds to say these things just because you do not respond to the messages for one day.

It is as if you were forced to respond, as if it were your job.

It’s not like that, I have a life off the internet. I do things that do not need the internet.

And even if that was not the problem, I might not be well to respond and yet none of them asked me if something was happening to me.

This is ridiculous.

My human will only decreases every time I go through it.

We need to understand that each one has them life, with or without the internet. And it’s not because someone has not instantly responded that them has problems with you.



10 comentários em “Online. Online. Online. Online.

  1. I totally agree, just because we have mobile phones now and almost everyone has access to the internet, some people seem to think we are always accessible. Well done you for unplugging sometimes you just need some alone time


  2. Actually I’m online all the time. But I’m contrasting with you because no one call me. Sometimes my mother, or my “girl”, but I have no idea what they think about me. I fell like the people that I love would be bether if i never existed. Look it’s raining…

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